Matic Kuhelj

A Closer Look at Blasting Equipment Installation

Greetings to all from an installation technician. Who am I? Matic Kuhelj, Head of Installations at FerroČrtalič. Some of my friends think I have a dream job, travelling a lot and working out in the field all around the world as I am. At the same time, I have an interesting job, one that makes me happy.

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Aleš Škraba

Digital transformation [Part 1]

At FerroČrtalič, we recognized early on the need for implementing an intensive digitalization process over our overall existence and operations – and the opportunities that arise as a result. These are particularly evident in our case, since we are one of the world’s leading providers of surface treatment solutions operating in a global niche market. But to build a digital business model is perhaps an even greater challenge and opportunity than the digitalization of business processes with all associated optimizations.

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Alena Bajrami Šemsidini

Introduction of the ISO 14001 system at FerroECOBlast

What’s new? As you might know, quality never rests. Remember my last blog? I mentioned that together with my colleagues, we were having a “Course for internal auditors of the environmental management system ISO 14001:2015”. That’s right! The company’s management has decided to obtain the EN ISO 14001:2015 certificate.

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Bojan Črtalič

Cleaning the interior of a 65-year-old car using the latest dry ice and dry snow blasting/cleaning technologies

This blog will talk about a “JAG restoration project”, or more specifically, about cleaning the interior of a 65-year-old car using the latest dry ice and dry snow blasting/cleaning technologies. Dry ice cleaning really is an exceptional technology, but unfortunately quite expensive and – despite its great advantages – is less commonly used in car servicing and restoration.

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Aljaž Molek

Automatic precision treatment solution for carbon composites intended for the most demanding industries

We recently completed a new blast room for a Slovenian company specialized in the manufacture of railroad cars and other large, complex steel assemblies.
The blast room, whose dimensions are 17m × 7m × 7m, is intended for manual blasting of large welded structures (train cars), with a partial degree of operational automation with special emphasis on ecologically clean and safe work.

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