A day at work: Leo Andolšek

Dear Reader, come join me on a journey of my day working as the fourth generation of the family at FerroECOBlast!

Today as I’m starting my day drinking a cup of coffee and waiting for my car to get warm and ready for the foggy winter morning I’m thinking about our family business’ blog. How good it’s doing and how much I appreciate all the blog readers and my colleagues who wrote the posts. I’ve never felt prouder. I feel that content really adds value to the readers who want to learn about surface treatment.

Driving to work makes me excited for the day, really happy to listen to the music and feeling free, just being in my own world having a confident drive to work because I know that parts of my car are shot peened and as strong as ever. Giving me back the vibrations I want to feel from the road and especially from the engine that was de-cored with UHP Water Jetting.

Here they are, all my colleagues just getting ready for work. Last finishing touches to their schedules for the day and off we go. Briefings are important for us to understand how our partners and customers feel. Understanding the needs of people that may need our solutions is crucial for our Research & Development department.

The usual day for me means checking on our new brand specialized in additive manufacturing Industry solutions called Addiblast. The marketing strategy for that new segment is fresh and means a lot of adaptation and learning. It’s important for us to learn about new technologies in the sector so we are able to focus on our main goal that is providing the best possible solutions for our partners.

Later in the day I focus on our communication both internal and external. As we are working on our digital transformation, by doing that we expect a better, easier and more efficient communication with our partners. We want to offer more so we have started providing more services for clients in our facilities as well as creating an opportunity for anyone to rent out our machines and make it convenient for them. Internal communication also gives a whole bunch of advantages for our partners as our timeline projections will be absolutely on point. And making us a very reliable partner to you!

As the day continues in this winter time our warehouse is busy and is working long hours. So I’m happy to return to my childhood days where I started helping out in the company by checking light, small parts in the warehouse as well as cleaning and sweeping the company’s workshop. Later in my teens I got engaged more and more so I started blasting parts by myself and helping around the offices more. Saying that I enjoy helping around the colleagues also in other sectors of the company. There’s also a bonus by the way I see things, helping in a warehouse helps me learn things, materials, parts and ways how our machines get assembled all the way to complete stage.

After finishing my day at the company floor, I got a call from a colleague that is specialized in the medical and dental industries, he explained me how our new DentalBlast machine works, explaining me that part of the implants has to be blasted in order to connect to the bone well. I find that fascinating, I feel like science really delivered in that sense.

My day has come to an end, I come home and it’s time to take a warm shower after a hard and cold day of working. So what a better way to finish a day with a warm shower that was heated in a boiler that needed surface treatment before enameling so the coating grips to the surface better and lasts longer.

I guess I figured that blasting and surface treatment actually prolongs everything in life from hi-tech to your life quality. I trust planes that had been shot peened and I also feel safe knowing my smile will always be able to shine. For me that’s important, quality of life and helping each other overcome our challenges.

Just keep having a blast!