The Importance of UL Certification: Ensuring Safety and Quality Standards

ul and ferroecoblast
FerroČrtalič obtained the UL certificate for the first time in 2021. The UL procedure was initiated for the equipment for which the UL certification application was submitted. This involved the participation of various groups of engineers from FerroČrtalič and the UL group, and the technical and design documentation had to meet the criteria subject to UL requirements.

Digital transformation [Part 1]

At FerroČrtalič, we recognized early on the need for implementing an intensive digitalization process over our overall existence and operations – and the opportunities that arise as a result. These are particularly evident in our case, since we are one of the world's leading providers of surface treatment solutions operating in a global niche market. But to build a digital business model is perhaps an even greater challenge and opportunity than the digitalization of business...