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Hello dear readers, here I am with you again.


As a quality manager, I live and breathe quality. Not only at work, I also have a plan I attempt to follow in my private life. Well, my kids sometimes try to shake up my rules, but I usually manage to stare at the system and try my best not to bypass it! 😊


But let us be honest, most people don’t like living by the rules so much and are not aware of the responsibility behind my job position. If a company has a quality department, many see us as a necessary evil, required only to make big customers happy. Sometimes I feel the same, especially when I must be persistent due to the quality standards, filling like the on-duty culprit for poor quality.


Would you believe me if I’d have told you that a quality management system makes sense? And that you shouldn’t look at it as a barrier to your job or your business, but only as room for improvement?

Quality means creating the right product according to the customer’s needs, which leads to his satisfaction. 


Quality also means all the related activities of a company to ensure product suitability. However, compliance often became increasingly complex, therefore industries and companies developed “sets of rules” to help companies meet the customer’s requirements. These “rules” are often difficult to understand, consequently imposed by the companies’ explanations and unknowingly they end up performing unnecessary activities for their businesses that sometimes take more time than they should. For this purpose, our company has created its own rules of procedure, which record the elements of quality management systems per the requirements of SIST EN ISO 9001: 2015, and is intended and presented to the company’s management, employees, customers, interested public and as a presentation of management systems to authorized institutions.


Each process clearly defines the procedures and instructions for implementation. Thus, there is no clutter in the system and work runs smoothly.

Quality, however, is really simple. Few mistakes, or none at all, mean only a little or no cost. Otherwise, there is less money, and no one likes that.


Now I have to say goodbye because I am in a hurry for an internal auditor training. This year I have a lot of work to establish an environmental quality management system according to the ISO 14001 standard. Also, ratification of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 will be happening at the same time.

But I will tell you more about that next time.



Now, let us move towards our victories. Have a nice day and stay healthy!



As usual, I’ll leave you with a quote:

Quality is free. It's not a gift, but it's free. The 'unquality' things are what cost money.

- Philip B. Crosby
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