FerroECOBlast – We do more!

We live in a world ruled by modern technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence, digitalization and controlled processes that are continually developed at the speed of light.

Does the border between man and technology still exist?

At FerroECOBlast – especially in the last decade – we follow all the modern trends and take care of the implementation of the optimal, competitive and most advanced technologies on the global market through our products and solutions for the end users.

FerroECOBlast Blog is dedicated to anyone interested and aims to become a nexus of knowledge about surface treatments. Through our Blog, we strive to deepen the relationship between interested parties and share our specific knowledge, experience, solutions and also mistakes in order to help you decide what kind of solution might be of use for your specific needs.

Join us on this journey in the world of surface treatment – knowledge and experience are our greatest treasures and potentials.

Let’s use them for something good – our common advancement.

Mojca Andolšek, MSc.

CEO, FerroECOBlast