Hello, anybody there? My name is Alena and I’m the QA manager at FerroECOBlast. Today I will take you for a ride through my secret world in the laboratory!


Quality Assurance is a broad term, we understand it as the continuous and consistent improvement and maintenance of processes. As per the official definition, QA focuses more on the organizational aspects of quality management, monitoring the consistency of the production process.
Through Quality Control and further testing we verify the product’s compliance with its functional requirements and standards.


The FerroECOBlast laboratory possesses high-quality and calibrated equipment for performing precise quantitative and qualitative measurements as part of the process of ensuring control and quality of our blasting equipment.


All measuring devices and instruments are regularly calibrated, while the measurements are performed exclusively by qualified staff, including myself as the quality manager. In addition to the professional execution of measurements, I also take care of the appropriate processing and documentation of measurement data.

In case of deviations, the necessary activities are initiated immediately and corrective measures are determined.

Our laboratory equipment:

At our clients‘ request, we also perform tests on materials and products according to their specific standards or norms both in-house or in external accredited laboratories.

I will end with my quote of the day:

See you next time! I wish you all the best.

Alena B.